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Costs of Funding

ComFin only works on a SUCCESS fee basis.

No success, no fee

We offer very competitive performance based fee structures.

Commercial Funding does not need to be exorbitant and impact on your projects return.

Fees are based upon obtaining a funding facility for you that fits all parameters agreed upon from the outset as agreed in the terms of engagement in the Success Fee Agreement (SFA). [more detail below]

Our Success fees are always less than 1% of the funding obtained.

You DO NOT have to pay between 1.5% and 3% as is the market average.

There are no hourly charges, no minimum fees, unless specified by prior negotiation in the terms of engagement to suit the specific needs of a given funding project.

Other costs that you might incur amongst others include the Lender fees and Legal fees.

Please see the individual services for a detailed breakdown.

Success Fee Agreement (Brief outline)

The SFA is legal document between ComFin and you highlighting all applicable fees to be payable upon successful funding having been raised for your project, through presentation of a Letter of Offer for funding.

Commercial Lenders do not pay brokerage fees or trailer commissions for finance raised and hence ComFin uses a SFA to charge for services rendered.

IMPORTANT: The fees payable through the SFA are only due and payable if YOU actually accept (by signing to that effect) the Letter of Offer for Finance presented to you.


  • Development finance is required for say $4,000,000. This is a full facility including capitilised interest etc, broken up into two stages. A SFA has been signed for 0.4%.
  • Payment to ComFin is made as follows:
    • Stage 1 - ($1,500,000) - SFA fee = $6,000
    • Stage 2 - ($2,500,000) - SFA fee = $10,000
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